Verbal First Aid™ Training



Verbal First Aid™ Training

What to Say When Every Moment Counts

This four hour workshop is for you if you are a human being who interacts with other human beings and desires to be an asset in emergency situations rather than a liability. That is, if you want to help, not hurt, yourself and the people around you.

In emergency situations words can mean the difference between pain and comfort, panic and calm and even life and death.

This  workshop offers specific verbal strategies to Calm, Relieve Pain, Promote Healing, Basic Grief and Death Notification, Stress Management, CISM, Effective Crisis Management, work with children, and Save Lives.

Learn the theory and physiology behind Verbal First Aid…during times of shock, fear, extreme pain, acute distress, people are in an altered state in which words can reach their autonomic nervous system and have a profound effect! During such states your words could harm or your words could heal.

“Judith Prager’s brilliant concept to use language as an antidote to challenging circumstances enables all of us to be of value. Her words are timely, wise and speaks to our innate capacity to heal. This foundational presentation will offer insights and practical solutions for living a celebratory life. I highly recommend Judith’s engaging program to all.”
–Dr. Steve Ruden, Director of Global Education for the Havening Techniques®

It’s finally becoming apparent that what we say during a medical emergency is often as important as the treatment we provide.

Alan Mistler, Associate Professor and Program Director, Center for Prehospital Education Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Learn from the creator of verbal and non-verbal first aide to help your client survive the early moments of a trauma and possibly prevent the development of PTSD. I promise an enlightening experience, one which you will find useful not only during times of high stress, but during life’s ordinary moments.

Dr. Ronald Ruden, PhD, MD

Yes! I would love to learn more. Only $127.00

  • September 7, 2019 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Balance Arts Center
151 W 30th St 3rd Fl, New York, NY 10001

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