Be A Non-Smoker (MP3 Download)

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Be a Non-Smoker is a personal hypnosis recording designed to help the listener become a non-smoker. The first track is a neo-Ericksonian induction, the second is a traditional induction. Together they are tremendously effective.



Track ONE of Be a Non Smoker is a 30 minute neo-Ericksonian induction that utilizes theraputic metaphor and indirect suggestions to influence you, the listener, to become a non-smoker.

Track TWO is more of a traditional hypnotic induction with direct suggestions in addition to embedded commands to create a very deep hypnotic experience.

Together, these two combined approaches have remarkable proven results. You really can Be A Non-Smoker NOW!

Hypnotic Inductions by Doug O’Brien. Music by Doug O’Brien and Emil Adler.