NLP Practitioner Certification

Who else want to get paid $300+ an hour to work with professional athletes, actors and business executives (not to mention kids, students and everyone in between) and have them singing your praises afterward? NLP will give you the skills necessary to do just that.

Storytelling from the Outside Inn

Happening next in Leeds, England in October 2017. Back in New York in March, 2018. This is a story telling workshop. It is about how to write and how to deliver good stories effectively. This is a workshop for everyone from Corporate CEOs to Kindergarten teachers because it will help you be a more effective communicator.


Learn a ton about NLP and some amazing, life changing techniques you can use on yourself and others in JUST ONE WEEKEND.

Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis Practice Group

Join us for our regular on-going Practice Group and become the best damn hypnotist you can be!

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