90-Day Coaching Program with E.A.S.E. – Why Weight?



90-Day Coaching Program with E.A.S.E. – Why Weight?

Achieve Vital Health NOW with E.A.S.E.

A Powerful Group-Coaching Program

Experience the Power of Coaching in a safe and supportive GROUP COACHING Experience.

Are you ready to embark on a life-changing journey towards optimal health and wellness? Join our Coaching Group, a transformative 90-Day Health and Wellness Transformation program, where we’ll guide you through the principles of the E.A.S.E. Method to help you achieve your health and wellness goals like never before.

The Best of Both Worlds

Some call Group Coaching the best of both worlds, because you get direct interaction with your coach (but at a fraction of the cost), PLUS the encouragement and support of a group who are all on the same quest.

About the Program:

The E.A.S.E. Method, a system of multi-tiered goals, will empower you to create and sustain positive habits around physical activity, sleep hygiene, and a healthy diet. Developed by experts in the field, this program offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to well-being, making success attainable and sustainable.

What to Expect:

Over the course of 90 days, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, and I’ll be with you every step of the way. Here’s what you can expect from this program:

1. Weekly Group Coaching Sessions: I will personally will lead you through engaging and informative weekly sessions. You’ll learn how to set and achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and develop a clear roadmap to success. These sessions will provide you with the knowledge and motivation needed to stay on track.

2. Supportive Community: You won’t be on this journey alone. You’ll become part of a supportive and inspiring community of individuals who share your aspirations. Share your progress, celebrate your victories, and find motivation from like-minded participants. The camaraderie within the group will keep you motivated and accountable.

3. Resources and Tools: We’ve prepared a wealth of resources to assist you on your journey. You’ll receive nutrition guidance, exercise routines, sleep improvement tips, and more. These resources are designed to make it easy for you to integrate healthier habits into your daily life.

4. Progress Tracking: Tracking your progress is a crucial part of your journey. We’ll help you monitor your achievements, both big and small. By acknowledging your successes along the way, you’ll stay motivated and focused on your goals.

5. Ongoing Support: I’m here to assist you throughout the program. If you have questions, encounter challenges, or need guidance, we’re just a message or call away. Your success is our priority.

Course Benefits:

  • Transformative Habits: By the end of this program, you’ll have established a foundation of positive habits that will serve you for a lifetime. Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, enhance your sleep, or adopt a healthier diet, the E.A.S.E. Method will make these changes achievable and sustainable.
  • Increased Energy: Experience a boost in your energy levels as you prioritize physical activity, restful sleep, and a balanced diet. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to a revitalized you.
  • Weight Management: Achieve your weight goals by combining effective exercise routines with healthier eating habits. Say goodbye to fad diets and hello to a sustainable, long-term approach.
  • Improved Well-being: Enjoy the overall benefits of a healthier lifestyle, including better mood, reduced stress, and enhanced mental clarity. Your well-being will thank you.
  • Long-term Success: The skills and habits you develop in this program will continue to serve you long after the 90 days are over. You’ll have the tools and knowledge to maintain a healthier and happier life.

Who Should Enroll:

This program is suitable for anyone looking to prioritize their health and well-being. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to take your routine to the next level or someone seeking to make positive changes for the first time, this course is tailored to your needs and abilities. You will also become well versed in How to Apply the EASE Model and will be able to easily apply the principles to other areas of your life.

Enrollment Details:

  • Course Duration: 90 Days
  • Start Date: January 17th, 2024
  • Cost: Only $797 (roughly 75%  savings compared to private coaching)
  • Availability: Due to the highly personalized nature of this program, enrollment is Limited to 24 participants.

Join Us Today!

NOTE: Enrollment has closed for this year’s class. Please check in with us again in 2025!

  • January 17, 2024 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Live on-Line via Zoom
Your own Living Room

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