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(Article) How to Use Self Hypnosis

This information packed, yet easy to follow, paper explains how to harness the power of your unconscious mind and to begin to more effectively “direct the trances you live in.”

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(MP3 audio recording) The Relaxation Response Technique method of Self Hypnosis

This is an audio recording of Doug teaching you how to do this powerful method of self hypnosis. A technique so powerful, yet so simple, Doug taught this technique to hundreds of patients prior to surgery during his years at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center’s “Department of Complementary Medicine” under the auspices of Dr. Mehmet Oz. On this recording you will learn the process so you can do it for yourself or teach it to others.

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You will also get periodic tips on how to use Ericksonian Hypnotic Language Patterns effectively and  powerfully, exclusive offers and previews of new products and services and more.

articleDownload Doug O’Brien’s paper, 
“Be your Best with Self Hypnosis”

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