What to do with Nick?

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Thanks for helping!

We love bringing Nick here and learning with him in the always pleasurable and edifying seminar experiences we do together.

We only have him for one weekend, however. We can’t do everything.

So I’d like to know what would be most desired by the most people. The three choices are:

  • The “Stories From the Outside Inn” storytelling workshop is tons of fun and very useful.
  • Nick’s “Provocative Change Works,” an evolution of Frank Farrelly’s Provocative Therapy, is also great fun and a useful add-on to your therapy skill set.
  • Magic in Action – Nick and I would do Two Days of Demos. We would alternate doing live sessions with a volunteer from the audience on whatever the person brings to the table, and then unpack what was done and why. This is the way Frank Farrelly taught Provocative Therapy and is quite an amazing way to gain insight as to how to handle real people in real situations.

Any of these weekends would be great but we have to choose one.

What’s YOUR preference?

(By the way, the weekend will be March 16th and 17th, 2019.)

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