Increasing Response Potential


Increasing Response Potential

Ericksonian Hypnotic Language Patterns

In a moment, I’m going to offer you an example of increasing response potential that will make it all perfectly clear to you.

When doing a Hypnotic induction it is useful to occasionally create a sense of anticipation and curiosity in your listener by using sentences like the one above. This serves to hold their attention even more strongly onto what you are saying. To capture their imagination.

I’ll give you an example.

When we do the main induction during the group hypnosis sessions with the John Morgan Seminars for weight loss or smoking cessation, we do a variation on Dave Dobson’s Beach Trip induction. Towards the beginning of the induction I’ll be talking about beaches and using VAK imagery to appeal to at least 4 of their 5 senses when I’ll then say something like this:

…and, if you want, 

you can also imagine something I’ve 

often fantasized about but 

never really experienced in real life

and that is this…

you can imagine 

you’ve got the beach

entirely to your self…

In traditional hypnosis inductions you can say things like,

In a moment I’ll count down from 7 to 1, and as I do, you’ll find yourself drifting deeper and deeper into a trance.

Then, of course, you do the count down.

These are just little hooks but they work really well to keep your client absorbed in what you’re saying.

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Doug O’Brien is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, and a Certified Hypnotherapist. In 1988, while assisting at NLP and NAC training seminars with Anthony Robbins, Doug achieved the designation of Master Trainer. He now conducts numerous seminars of his own around the globe (specializing in the “Sleight of Mouth” patterns of Robert Dilts, NLP Certification Courses, and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy) and helped found Columbia-Presbyterian’s Department of Complementary Medicine with Dr. Mehmet Oz.

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