Why Havening will revolutionize Psychotherapy

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Why Havening will revolutionize Psychotherapy

“The Havening Techniques” are a revolutionary new psychosensory therapy that you need to know about. What is a Psychosensory therapy? It’s a therapy aimed at psychological or emotional healing but uses physical touch or body movements to create the change. EMDR, which uses lateral Eye movements, is a psychosensory therapy. Different techniques like EFT and TFT that use tapping on …

Havening in England

Traveling home from Bristol As I write this I am flying at 36,000 feet on a Virgin Atlantic 747 en route back to the US from Bristol, England. My friend and colleague Ira Scott is a few seats away catching a few winks. The two of us have just participated in a Havening Training Course and we’re a bit tired. …


Will “Havening” change the face of therapy across the world?

Last October I attended a workshop on a new therapy called “Havening” that just totally amazed me. I started using it immediately with clients and have gotten some spectacular results with it. It is called “Havening” because, as I understand it, its first application was in the treatment of Trauma. According to the creator of Havening, Dr. Ron Ruden, one …

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