Counterfactual Conditional Clauses

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Counterfactual Conditional Clauses

If you had taken our Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis class before, you might be in a class by yourself. A conditional clause is one that starts with “if.” A counterfactual presupposes the negation of the antecedent proposition and strongly suggests the negation of the consequent proposition. In our example it is presupposed that you have not taken the class previously. It says …

Reverse Meta Model: Selectional Restriction Violation

A “Selectional Restriction Violation” is when someone ascribes to a thing something, usually a feeling, that is technically impossible for it to possess (at least as far as we know). So if you hear someone say something like, “the grass was feeling annoyed at the moles.” We might be tempted to employ the meta model to clear up this distortion. …

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