Reverse Meta Model: Ordinals

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Reverse Meta Model: Ordinals

Ordinals are words like first, second, third, next, another. Words that imply more than one. This is one of my favorite categories of presupposition. I think we’ve made some great progress in our first session, don’t you? OK, one thing you are going to love about this new car is its styling. I was cutting the grass when another rabbit …

Reverse Meta Model: complex adjectives

This category also refers to time. Complex Adjectives are words like “new, old, present, former, and previous.” Once you’ve mastered complex adjectives you’ll never go back to previous skill levels. We are trying to return our house to its former glory. Avid NLP learners rate dougobriensblog.com as the new must-read web site. Hypnosis is about out growing old ways of …

Reverse meta model: Time Presuppositions

Here’s another simple presupposition. This one has to do with time. Subordinate Clauses of Time Like these: before, after, during, as, since, prior, while, yet, now, again I have noticed that as people practice they gain greater fluency. While kids text constantly their attention is bifurcated. When you find friends who stand by you when the going is hard, cherish …

Reverse Meta Model: Selectional Restriction Violation

A “Selectional Restriction Violation” is when someone ascribes to a thing something, usually a feeling, that is technically impossible for it to possess (at least as far as we know). So if you hear someone say something like, “the grass was feeling annoyed at the moles.” We might be tempted to employ the meta model to clear up this distortion. …

Reverse Meta Model

Reverse Meta Model In NLP the “meta model” is Richard Bandler’s and John Grinder’s name for the wellformedness conditions of the surface structure of the English language*. (*- for more on this see their book “Structure of Magic.”) It’s based on the recognition that all language has presuppositions, deletions, distortions and generalizations. The meta model was employed to expose those …

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