BELIEF CRAFT: Sleight of Mouth on Steroids?

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BELIEF CRAFT: Sleight of Mouth on Steroids?

BELIEF CRAFT: Sleight of Mouth on Steroids? How to “Wire Around” a Negative Belief with Belief Craft (Look for the Live Belief Craft Seminar in September) You know that NLP is all about how humans have a structure to our subjective experience that can be elicited and understood. AND that when you change that structure the subjective experience changes as …

Watch this New Video explaining Beliefs

I am very happy with how this video turned out. Sleight of Mouth is about persuading someone of the validity of your belief and dissuading them of the validity of their belief. AND… FIRST it is required of you that you know what the heck a belief is in the first place. Learn all about it. Watch this video: https://ericksonian.com/?page_id=2994

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