The REALITY about BELIEFS (I hope you catch the irony there)

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The REALITY about BELIEFS (I hope you catch the irony there)

This month we will offer our most popular and broadly useful seminar, “Sleight of Mouth.” It is an amazing 2-day experience that, on the surface, allows you to become more persuasive conversationally by influencing another person’s beliefs – an obviously useful application for sales people, therapists, marketer, etc… basically ANYBODY who wants to be more persuasive. But, at a deeper …

THE ONE SKILL YOU NEED TO RESOLVE ALL YOUR CONFLICTS (and without which you are in big trouble)

In any discipline, it is often true that when we look at extreme examples of that discipline that we can learn important distinctions of how it works best. When it comes to conflict resolution, I suggest we turn to the skills and experience that negotiators use in extreme situations. Think for example of a crisis negotiator dealing with a hostage-taking …

This New Year focus less on what you want to DO and more on who do you resolve to BE from here on.

It’s a question Coaching clients of mine hear fairly often when we’re doing a coaching call…”Who are you BEING in this situation?” Like one coaching  client  who chronically sabotaged his success. Every time this particular fellow experienced a big win (and in his case we’re speaking literally because he is a professional athlete) he would find a way to lose …

The Power of Positive Purpose

In my conflict resolution work around the world, I came soon to realize that for lasting change to be possible, finding an agreement around interests was not enough. Especially in the most seemingly intractable conflicts, fundamental shifts at a personal level had to happen. That’s when I realized that NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis were powerful tools that would help me …

Rapport Magazine article on Doug O’Brien

RAPPORT magazine is published by ANLP International. It is part of membership benefits and also available by subscription. Individual issues can also be bought. www.anlp.org/Rapport. Written by  Andy Coote Doug O’Brien carries his experience with a light touch From Carnegie Hall and Studio54 to Sleight of Mouth, by way of Tony Robbins and Robert Dilts, our interviewee this issue carries …

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