Technicolor story telling – enhance your stories with sensory rich language

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Technicolor story telling – enhance your stories with sensory rich language

It is probably intuitively or empirically known to you that some people have a greater capacity to visualize than other people. Other people have highly tuned auditory awareness. Some people seem so mostly make sense of the world through the sensations they feel, while some great chefs or wine connoisseurs have highly sensitive and developed sense of taste. So if …

Rapport Magazine article on Doug O’Brien

RAPPORT magazine is published by ANLP International. It is part of membership benefits and also available by subscription. Individual issues can also be bought. www.anlp.org/Rapport. Written by  Andy Coote Doug O’Brien carries his experience with a light touch From Carnegie Hall and Studio54 to Sleight of Mouth, by way of Tony Robbins and Robert Dilts, our interviewee this issue carries …

Using Stories in Coaching and in Marketing (and in entertainment and in…)

I love my job. Well, to be truthful, I love parts of my job. I had a professor once who said, “Every job has some ditch digging in it.” He meant that there was inglorious grunt work that went with every endeavor. Erecting a magnificent building requires that first you dig a hole to lay a foundation. Writing a book …

FInding good stories

How do you find good stories? Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen have made a fortune with their “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series of books, not for writing the stories but for collecting them. Good stories are happening all around us all the time. They are in the news, they are in your own life. So, how do you …

Why Stories? and The super computer story

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. Confucius   WHY STORIES?   Nothing teaches like experience. Like learning to ride a bike. You could benefit from hearing someone describe how to do it. You’d gain a great deal more by watching someone do it. But once you’ve done it yourself you’ll never …

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