Technicolor story telling – enhance your stories with sensory rich language

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Technicolor story telling – enhance your stories with sensory rich language

It is probably intuitively or empirically known to you that some people have a greater capacity to visualize than other people. Other people have highly tuned auditory awareness. Some people seem so mostly make sense of the world through the sensations they feel, while some great chefs or wine connoisseurs have highly sensitive and developed sense of taste. So if …

Meta-Fives in action

One of my favorite ways of using therapeutic metaphors is something I learned from Dave Dobson. Dave used to jokingly call these “meta-fives” because are one step better than metaphors in that they draw upon the person’s own unique personal history. The first step in creating a meta-five, then, is to find out what positive resource experiences he or she …


Neo-Ericksonian Approaches Comparisons I am blessed with having stellar dentist who took time from his vacation to see me last week. Seems I had a bit of a dental emergency and needed a root canal. Fortunately, I was on a staycation and could easily travel to see him. He fixed me right up, gave me a script for penicillin and …

Reverse Meta Model: Presuppositions

A reminder: In NLP the “meta model” is Bandler and Grinder’s name for the wellformedness conditions of the surface structure of the English language. As Bostic and Grinder put it, it is “… designed for the express purpose of challenging the limitations in the mental maps carried by clients who seek professional assistance in changing themselves through the processes of therapy.”  (Whispering In …

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