“The Greatest Commencement Speech ever Given”

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“The Greatest Commencement Speech ever Given”

This has been attributed to Kurt Vonnegut but was really a column written by Mary Schmich for the Chicago Tribune.  Nevertheless, at this time of year when we are all going about reinventing ourselves, it’s good advice. Wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long-term benefits of sunscreen have been …

Using Stories in Coaching and in Marketing (and in entertainment and in…)

I love my job. Well, to be truthful, I love parts of my job. I had a professor once who said, “Every job has some ditch digging in it.” He meant that there was inglorious grunt work that went with every endeavor. Erecting a magnificent building requires that first you dig a hole to lay a foundation. Writing a book …

The Big Rocks of Life – improved

As far as I know Stephen Covey deserves credit for this metaphor. I’ve used it with  hundreds of clients over the years. Recently, via one of my coaching clients, I discovered an improvement. First, let’s look at the original  – from the master, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author of “
First Things First” The Big Rocks of Life One day this …

NLP is Not a Therapy

There is a regrettable tendency among some practitioners of NLP to refer to themselves as an NLP Therapist or even an NLP Coach. It’s regrettable because we are supposed to be practitioners of a communication art and those titles are inaccurate at best and misleading at worst. NLP is not a therapy so you can’t be an NLP therapist, and, …

Creative Lying and Applying the E.A.S.E. Method

“Creative lying” is not about lying to someone else. I’m talking about carefully choosing the way you represent things to yourself in order to stay motivated and continue to better yourself.

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