The REALITY about BELIEFS (I hope you catch the irony there)

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The REALITY about BELIEFS (I hope you catch the irony there)

This month we will offer our most popular and broadly useful seminar, “Sleight of Mouth.” It is an amazing 2-day experience that, on the surface, allows you to become more persuasive conversationally by influencing another person’s beliefs – an obviously useful application for sales people, therapists, marketer, etc… basically ANYBODY who wants to be more persuasive. But, at a deeper …

This New Year focus less on what you want to DO and more on who do you resolve to BE from here on.

It’s a question Coaching clients of mine hear fairly often when we’re doing a coaching call…”Who are you BEING in this situation?” Like one coaching  client  who chronically sabotaged his success. Every time this particular fellow experienced a big win (and in his case we’re speaking literally because he is a professional athlete) he would find a way to lose …

When Conflict Can Upgrade Our Mental Maps

To orient ourselves in life we use mental maps. And when we bump into some conflict it is often because we interact with one or more people who are using a different mental map. The notion of mental map, that is central to the NLP approach, can also be very useful if you are involved in a conflict and you …

Sudden Belief Change

COACHES CORNER: Stories you can use. Meaningful, metaphorical stories can be golden for a working coach. Today’s story comes from Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” I’ve used this story effectively when working with clients who have anger management issues. It was a Sunday morning on a subway in New York. People were sitting quietly — some reading …

Learn Sleight of Mouth

Using Sleight of Mouth on Yourself First

You Go First Without mentioning any names I’m going to tell you of a real life situation I found myself in recently. I am a member of an association that has a pretty wide and varied membership. There are people there of all stripes and, as with probably a majority of associations, members are expected to get along nicely with …

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