Hypnosis and Meditation – Good for you?

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Hypnosis and Meditation – Good for you?

Hypnosis and Meditation Good for you? The connection between Hypnosis and meditation is sometimes questioned. Are they the same? How are they different? What are the benefits of the regular practice of meditation beyond any “spiritual” benefits we might subjectively experience? Any objective proof? Would hypnosis offer the same benefits? I had a teacher once, Dr. Stephen Wolinsky, who not …

Going Under the Knife

Going Under the Knife I had the good fortune, a few years ago, to be a founding member of the Department of Complementary Medicine at New York’s Columbia Presbyterian Hospital under the auspices of Dr. Mehmet Oz. My job was to provide Hypnotherapy to patients prior to surgery to see if there would be measurable results in their surgical outcomes. …

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