E.A.S.E your way into the New Year

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E.A.S.E your way into the New Year

The “All or Nothing” syndrome is one of the chief reasons I created the “E.A.S.E” System in the first place. To create new habits that last, behaviors need to be so regularly done they cause an identity shift. Because you run everyday you become a runner, not just a couch potato who is trying to get into shape.

Coaching Excellence- Just in TIME

Finding maximum inspiration just in TIME Everyone has had the experience of scrambling to meet a deadline. We all know the sense of urgency deadlines impose. Even great art has sometimes been created on a deadline. I have previously written in this blog of an experience from a long time ago, when I was a student composer at a New …

A Coaching Secret

I’m going to share a secret with you that I learned a long time ago. It’s a secret about effective time management. Now some of you might already be aware that effective time management is perhaps THE most important skill for ANYBODY to have – whether you are an artist or a bureaucrat – if you use your time well, you do well. …

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