Using Questions to SHIFT your FOCUS; plus Coaching vs Consulting

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Using Questions to SHIFT your FOCUS; plus Coaching vs Consulting

The Power of Questions to SHIFT your FOCUS The Summer is unofficially over and many are not sorry to see it go. Record heat, in some areas, and a crushing drought has certainly been the major headline for much of the United States. It’s challenging, isn’t it, to think of things like NLP and Hypnosis training as being all that …

Coaches: Discover their Motivation Strategy

But what I thought was particularly fascinating is the large portrait of August Strindberg he had hanging facing his desk. This is fascinating because Strindberg was his “MORTAL ENEMY.” They never met but argued often via the newspapers. Ibsen kept his portrait there to motivate himself to write. AND to have what he wrote be of the highest caliber.

A Coaching Secret

I’m going to share a secret with you that I learned a long time ago. It’s a secret about effective time management. Now some of you might already be aware that effective time management is perhaps THE most important skill for ANYBODY to have – whether you are an artist or a bureaucrat – if you use your time well, you do well. …

Using Stories in Coaching

This is an old Chinese Taoist story that I already posted in a blog a couple of years ago.. It is a wonderful metaphor and I repeat it today because I want to use it as an example of how stories can be used in a Coaching Context. Once upon a time there was a village that was experiencing a …

“Lying to Ourselves” or “Why Bother Getting Up in the Morning?

You know that old joke? A tourist in New York City stops a patrolman to ask for directions. “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The policeman answers,  “Practice, practice, practice.” As a Personal Success Coach, here is what I tell people and what I chose to believe for myself: “consistent and focused effort towards your goal will get you …

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