11 Sources of Personal Growth

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11 Sources of Personal Growth

Someone once said, “The road to success is always under construction.” They were wrong. Because, while the metaphor is ok, success isn’t a destination at which you’ll one day arrive. In fact, success isn’t even a thing. It’s what linguists call a nominalization. You probably know that that means success appears to be a thing but it isn’t, really. Try …

Using Altered States (Trance) in a Purposeful, Positive Way

Since the dawn of man, human beings have used altered states of consciousness in both purposeful ways – shamanic healing, divination, getting battle ready, etc. – and non-purposeful ways. (getting drunk or stoned for fun) Truly, from a historical perspective, we are party animals. We’ve been getting high as far back as historians can measure. As one example, humans, like …

Toward a Spiritual Hypnosis

What, at the basic level, is a human? The human being is more than the sum of his or her parts. If you somehow reduced a human to a mere collection of it parts you would have muscle, fat, bone and teeth, brain and nerves, connective tissue, blood (around 7% of body weight), lymph and more. If you further reduced …

Generative Hypnosis vs Remedial Hypnosis

It could be looked at as the problem is a gift for you to wake up from the trances you’ve been living in and live more authentically as the individual you are.

“Lying to Ourselves” or “Why Bother Getting Up in the Morning?

You know that old joke? A tourist in New York City stops a patrolman to ask for directions. “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The policeman answers,  “Practice, practice, practice.” As a Personal Success Coach, here is what I tell people and what I chose to believe for myself: “consistent and focused effort towards your goal will get you …

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