Hypnosis and Meditation – Good for you?

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Hypnosis and Meditation – Good for you?

Hypnosis and Meditation Good for you? The connection between Hypnosis and meditation is sometimes questioned. Are they the same? How are they different? What are the benefits of the regular practice of meditation beyond any “spiritual” benefits we might subjectively experience? Any objective proof? Would hypnosis offer the same benefits? I had a teacher once, Dr. Stephen Wolinsky, who not …

Why Stories? and The super computer story

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. Confucius   WHY STORIES?   Nothing teaches like experience. Like learning to ride a bike. You could benefit from hearing someone describe how to do it. You’d gain a great deal more by watching someone do it. But once you’ve done it yourself you’ll never …

Is this Coaching?

So why is it that people are so imprecise with the word “Coaching?” Frequently people are simply substituting the word “coaching” for the word “therapy.”

Ericksonian Language Patterns

Patterns of Indirect Suggestion – A.K.A.: Ericksonian Language Patterns In a therapeutic setting we strive to achieve the client’s goals with elegance. Sometimes, however, change is difficult and resistance, conscious or otherwise, is a natural response. By using the following language patterns we are able to bypass the conscious resistance and to communicate with the subconscious mind. Milton Erickson was …

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