Generative Hypnosis vs Remedial Hypnosis

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Generative Hypnosis vs Remedial Hypnosis

It could be looked at as the problem is a gift for you to wake up from the trances you’ve been living in and live more authentically as the individual you are.

Using Stories in Coaching

This is an old Chinese Taoist story that I already posted in a blog a couple of years ago.. It is a wonderful metaphor and I repeat it today because I want to use it as an example of how stories can be used in a Coaching Context. Once upon a time there was a village that was experiencing a …

Why Stories? and The super computer story

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. Confucius   WHY STORIES?   Nothing teaches like experience. Like learning to ride a bike. You could benefit from hearing someone describe how to do it. You’d gain a great deal more by watching someone do it. But once you’ve done it yourself you’ll never …

Is this Coaching?

So why is it that people are so imprecise with the word “Coaching?” Frequently people are simply substituting the word “coaching” for the word “therapy.”

On the Poetry of David Whyte

Ericksonian Language Patterns and Poetry We are thrilled and grateful to feature on our web site, www.Ericksonian.info, a wonderful contribution by world-renowned poet, David Whyte. It is his poem “SOMETIMES” from the collection, “Everything is Waiting for You.” You can read the poem here: http://www.ericksonian.info/SOMETIMES.html IN REGARD TO THE POETRY OF DAVID WHYTE A few years ago, while conducting a …

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